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Last Lucifer Volume Out Today [1.24.07 @ 8.46 pm]

A friendly reminder that the final trade paperback of Lucifer is out today. It collects issues 70-75 and also includes the one shot special Nirvana.

Original Solicit: The saga of Lucifer Morningstar comes to a close in EVENSONG, collecting LUCIFER #70-75. In the aftermath of the universe-shaking battle in Heaven, Lucifer and his cohorts return to pick up their lives and tie up their loose ends. As a special bonus, EVENSONG also includes the Prestige-format one-shot LUCIFER: NIRVANA, gorgeously painted by Jon J Muth.

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Discussion Question [11.16.06 @ 5.16 pm]


I was re-reading volume 10 a few nights ago and a few thoughts struck me.

Also, does anyone have any suggestions on means of pimping this community/getting it more active/getting more members etc.?  Post 'em here.
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6 Lucifer Icons [10.4.06 @ 6.16 pm]

6 Icons, all high quality .PNGs. No spoilers. Comment if taking, credit when using.


And the restCollapse )

Woo, first community post. On slightly more important community news, I'd like to note on spoilers. Spoilers will be considered to be from volume 8 and beyond. PLEASE remember this when posting. Thanks.

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